Eating Healthy To Improve Every Aspect Of Life

How you approach nutrition affects just about everything in your living-a-healthy-lifelife. Nutritious eating is more than a path to a healthy weight; it affects your ability to perform at work or school. It is a key to athletic performance and mental agility. How you eat affects how well you age and also contributes to the onset or prevention of disease. There is no single, best way to eat, but following some guidelines will improve unhealthy eating patterns.

Choose Fat

There has been such a culture of fat-avoidance in the west that consumers avoid even healthy fats. They don’t realize how important fat is, which is why there are several foods found in their natural state which contain lots of it. There are animals and plants which contain the fats a body requires to promote healthy brain function and a strong nervous system. The body uses good fat to fight bad fat. The best places to find healthy fat include your local fish monger’s shop and the vegetable section of a grocery store.

Select cold-water fish like salmon or cod. These are excellent sources of protein and the Omega Fatty Acids which promote neurological health and an excellent memory. Also, eat more avocado. The fat in this fruit contends with bad cholesterol to maintain proper circulation. Select nuts instead of chips when you want a snack and buy them raw or dry roasted, not roasted in oil and covered in table salt. They will fill you up and promote better health in every way. Almonds are probably the best all-around nuts with the lowest calorie count, most calcium, tons of other minerals, and a lot of fiber. Walnuts are also excellent and often recommended for their heart-healthy properties.

Select Fiber

A high-fiber diet is what keeps you regular. Constipation makes a person bloated and lethargic. A too-active digestive system is not good either. Poor digestive function contributes to irregular moods and poor absorption of nutrients. Most people consider weight gain to be the primary problem with a low-fiber diet; they don’t always stop to think about what it means for their bones, blood, muscles, or brain.

The best place to find fiber is in vegetables and fruits. Foods low in starch, such as green leafy vegetables and berries, promote regularity. They also contain lots of vitamins and sometimes minerals. Greens like kale, broccoli, spinach, and arugula promote health in every way as they contain protein, calcium, and disease-fighting Vitamin C. That’s on top of fiber, of course. Apples, pears, and blueberries also contain lots of fiber. Grains can also be fiber friends such as kidney, pinto, and soy beans. Keep your weight down by staying regular. Fiber also fills you up, so you won’t want to eat as much. Drinking adequate amounts of water will also help as this causes the fiber to bulk up and fill your stomach.

Protein Power

You have heard of the popular protein diets like Paleo grubs, anabolic, and Atkin’s methods of eating and cooking. They are all excellent in their own way because they promote low-carb eating. While potatoes and grains are not bad, the idea is to eat more protein and good fat. That’s why such diets are popular; the western eater loves meat and chicken. He could do with consuming more fish, but the main feature to focus on is protein. Check out for some great recipes and information.

Most people in North America eat too many refined carbohydrates. That’s what they snack on. They contribute to much of the western dinner plate in the form of pasta. Consumers try to satisfy hunger between meals with muffins, cookies, chips, and cheese-puffs. These foods play havoc with blood sugar by causing the system to spike and crash. One feels hungry often and can’t fill up because refined carbs (foods made from processed sugar and flour) are not nutritionally dense. They add calories but don’t contribute to lasting satiation. That’s why you often feel worse after eating junk food; the crash leaves your body hungrier than when it started.

This kind of eating has led to a huge rise in Type 2 Diabetes and also heart problems. Spiking and crashing causes mood problems and interrupts concentration. Why do people do it? They think that cheap foods save them money, not realizing they need less of the better-quality foods in order to make their bodies work. A better diet would be cheaper in the long run and also prevent many health problems.

One does not need to follow a diet like Paleo or anabolic cooking strictly in order to experience success. Following the guidelines set by those programs is also different from going on a diet. These are methods of achieving better health.

The side effect for many consumers who eat lots of protein and vegetables, eschewing potatoes and pasta, is that they gain muscle. With more muscle on their bodies, these people burn fat more effectively. It’s amazing that adding fat and protein can actually improve one’s BMI instead of sabotaging weight loss.

Foods to Avoid in 2017

If you had to remove any foods from the grocery list this year and get rid of stuff in the kitchen, what would those items be? You know what to stock up on (fish, chicken, nuts, fruits, and vegetables). Foods that look and sound good but are hurting you include breakfast cereals and bread. While these will suffice when there is nothing else to eat, such as when you stay at a hotel and eat at the breakfast buffet, they should not be part of the household larder. Replace cereals with oats or, even better, eat poached eggs for breakfast with slices of tomato and mushrooms. Don’t fry your food but feel free to lightly sauté it in grapeseed or olive oil. Get rid of corn oil, high-fructose corn syrup, and table sugar. Replace these with better-quality oils, maple syrup, and real honey, and even replace table salt with sea salt. Change the way you eat salads: remove dressings from the refrigerator which contain strange ingredients and a lot of sugar. Make your own with lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. Season food with spices and enjoy the real flavors of whole foods more than ever before.

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